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All about domain and hosting

Hello dear reader, welcome to our blog. In this blog we discuss  about domain and hosting.

There are some popular question people usually ask on google about domain and hosting. And we will try to answer all these questions on the blog today.

All about domain and hosting

All the different types of hosting

How many types of hosting

How many types of hosting server

List out types of web hosting

Types of hosting plans

Advantages of shared hosting

Advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting

Is bluehost shared hosting

Best vps hosting

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Bluehost vps hosting

Best affordable dedicated hosting

Benefits of dedicated hosting

Advantages of dedicated hosting


Domain and hosting are usually needed to make a website live after it has been designed and developed.
domain and hosting


The domain is a name. This will be the name of your website. If you build a website it must have a name and when you want to live your site domain it is a must needed  things. Without a domain you never can live your site in. Domain specify a website from others website.Suppose is a domain of a  website , if you search by this name in the search engine you will get only this website. You will never get multiple websites in one domain. Another important thing , in this domain the word bluehost is your website name and also a part of the domain. Now .com is your domain extension. Many types of domain extension are exist

1/ .com
2/ .or
3/ .net
4/. dev
5/ .inc
6/. app
7/ .website
8/ .io
9/. co
10/. Ai

  And many more. With those every country has their own extension like:
.uk/.bd/.us etc.


Now I will let you know about hosting.

We know that a website usually has a number of files, including all the data used on the site (images, videos, database files complete with user data, necessary data), and much more.

Now the thing is that the files are saved on the computer on which the site is developed.

But when you want to make your site live so that anyone can view your site from anywhere at any time, you don’t just have to save it to your computer.

The files must be stored on a computer that will be active for 24 hours so that it can access your site at any time.

Not all computers are active 24 hours a day. Usually, the files are kept in the storage part of the computer.

Such as Hard Disk. But when you want to make your site live so that anyone can view your site from anywhere at any time, you don’t just have to save it to your computer. The files must be stored on a computer that will be active for 24 hours so that it can access your site at any time. Not all computers are active 24 hours a day. Usually, the files are kept in the storage part of the computer. One of which is space. Hosting is a hard disk of a certain amount of space, it has a lot of space in which a large number of files can be kept and it can save and live files of many websites. Now you can rent some Hardix space according to the total size of the files on your website, for example, the size of a Hardix from a hosting service provider is 1 terabyte but the total size of all the files you have developed for life on the site is 1 GB There is no need to rent a Hardix for such a small size website. You can rent packages from hosting service providers starting at 1GB or more for your website to go live and I think this will be enough for your site. So far only the most basic issues of hosting have been discussed.

Types of Hosting:

There are many types of hosting that exist nowadays. In below I am giving the list of those then I will discuss more about each type.|

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Virtual Private Server(VPS) Hosting
  3. Dedicated Server Hosting
  4. Cloud Hosting
  5. Managed Hosting
  6. Colocation Hosting

In this blog I am going to discuss only the top three hosting types.


Shared hosting means there will be more than one account of a single hosting server, or group of servers which will be maintained by hosting service provider authority.

Shared Hosting has some good and bad sides.

The good side is, If you have a simple site which does not need huge visitors. And your budget is low then you can go with shared hosting.

But if you have a site which has lots of data and it has the possibility to reach lots of people and you don’t feel secure if your server has many accounts then shared hosting is not for you.

Commonly each day a small business website gets mostly 2000 visitors, this means that small business websites typically don’t require a lot of bandwidth or resources to support them.

One thing we know is that newer, small websites normally designed simple and straight forward, have fewer files and data. That’s why they often do not require a lot of server space or other resources.

Shared hosting solutions help your small business website the power and space it needs with a lower price.


1. Best for beginners and simple websites.

2. Less Costing.

3. Easy to control


1.Big Website will not get good performance

2. Website can be affected by others website

of the same server visitors.

3. Less security.

After reading this blog if you  feel shared hosting will be best for you then try to decide which package shared hosting you want.

Bluehost  (one of the top most hosting service provider companies)  provides 4 packages on shared hosting with attractive discounts. If you are interested to know more about all the packages then go with this link.

Remember, shared hosting allows you to share hosting space and costs with others, while still getting the speed and space you need for your small business website.

Virtual Private Server(VPS) Hosting:

VPS hosting or VPS web hosting is a special hosting service from which you will get some features like dedicated hosting.

VPS means virtual private server and the name indicates that though it is still a shared hosting service, you will get some extra features for that traffic from other websites will not affect your website performance.

VPS hosting is very useful for rising websites but budget is a common problem for them.

If I say in depth like, if your website’s visitors level is growing frequently or if you feel you are not getting good performance from Shared Hosting and also your budget is low then VPS hosting would be more useful.

VPS means Virtual Private Server, one thing is that you are also sharing your server with more people like shared hosting but in VPS hosting you will get some extra features that will give you nice performance like Dedicated hosting(we will talk more about dedicated hosting in next).

Normally VPS hosting contain less website than shared hosting. Though VPS hosting main server also shares with others, it divides into some virtual servers which give an individual server for your website. That’s why though mail server is shared but your website server’s resources will be used as dedicated.

For a virtual personal server your website will never be affected by others website visitor pressure.

If you look at a real life example, suppose you rent a full building but using one floor or flat and others  you are sharing with many people but every flat or floor owner can use their flat or floor separately. No one will be affected by anyone. I hope this time you understand it clearly.

Now come at the price of VPS Hosting. VPS hosting packages normally price some more than shared hosting but it so less from dedicated hosting.

Summary of VPS hosting advantages:

1. Dedicated Server Resources

2.Will be able to custom configuration

3.Faster loading speed

4.Less price than Dedicated Hosting

Some Disadvantages:

1. Main server shared

2.Set up not so easy

3.Limitations in control

Bluehost provides 3 different packages on VPS hosting. You can go with anyone which is suitable for you. To know more please visit this link.


Now I will let you know about dedicated hosting. This part about dedicated web hosting, Dedicated website hosting is a common type hosting package but this is very expensive and its ideal for a big platform.

In this part we have tried to show what dedicated hosting is and how it works with examples.

We hope you will understand easily and get basic knowledge about dedicated web hosting from our blog.

Dedicated Hosting is a best level web hosting. There are some reasons for being a best level web hosting, Now l am describing it.

If you purchase a dedicated hosting you will be a single owner of that specific server. You have not needed to share anything with anyone. When you don’t need to share any space or resources then your website performance will be too high.

The full control of a dedicated server will be in your hand.Configuration,software, settings each and everything you will be able to change or customize anytime.

This can be related with the purchase of a house with lands that means if you purchase a house with land you will be able to use every part of your property as your own wish. There will not have any restrictions to do anything. Like this way dedicated hosting works.

And that is an excellent advantage of dedicated hosting.But sorrowful matter is that it is too costly.

Advantages in point form:

1.Complete Control will be in your hand

2.Any resource will not need to share.

3.Security of the website will be high.

4.Optimum Performance will get.

Disadvantages in point form:

1.It’s cost is so high.

2.You should have enough technical knowledge to control this control panel.

3.Service provider will not take any liability if site faces any problem.

One more need to share about this, You can ask me how I feel  that my website needs a dedicated hosting server.

Answer is if your website is a enterprise website like e-commerce website and others some huge data site and there are almost 5lakh to 10lakh visitors will come in one month then I will prefer to take dedicated hosting. But if you have only 1lakh or some more then you can avoid dedicated hosting.

After complete reading if you have decided to take dedicated hosting then you can go with here is the link.

If you want to know about the other three hosting types then click here.

Now come to the important point , It is normal that you have a question which hosting service provider will be best ?

Answer is there are many hosting service providers who are providing this service with a nice reputation from long days.

bluehost is one of them. bluehost provides this service worldwide. They have an amazing review from consumers. Their server uptime is 99.99% .

C-PANEL is well organised. And the good point is you will get a smart discount on purchasing any packages.

Wish a nice journey with Bluehost

Thank you!!

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