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BEST WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builders Compared (2021)

Hello all ,how are you doing ? Hopefully  you all are having a great time. If you are finding  a way to create an amazing website for your clients by just doing drag and drop instead of coding  then you are in the right place .In this blog I am going to describe about Six most used and  best wordpress drag and drop page builders which will help  you to build your website with the best output by minimal effort. By using these you will need less time and your clint will be more happy.

Here all in details..:

First, all have a common question: why should we use a drag and drop website builder in WordPress ?

Well here are a couple of reasons, first one  is that for the maximum people need to hire a designer or designer team to build their website but it might be most costly specially for a startup business and also for small business. A website  designer builds a website on average thousand dollars which is a huge price, especially if they don’t have that much of a budget. So if you go with a drag and drop website builder It can really save your clients a ton of money .Another thing is that if you use 10Web as your host, it can even be absolutely free.

The second one is that  drag and drop processes for website build  are becoming the new norm .Nowadays people are going with this process mostly. By this process you will be able to choose a website template or a theme then make changes as per client requirement and your website will complete at least 10 times before coding.So it’s popular and easy. If you can choose your website builder wisely it would save your   time more and the amazing thing is that no coding or special techy knowledge is needed, I hope your clients will appreciate it.

Drag and drop process have some more advantages or good sides.

These kind of website  page builder  are best choice in market now .The huge number of availability of page builders making a healthy competition between all the companies that means the page  builder creator companies  are regularly working to adapt their product to the latest trends of the industry. so they are always versatile, up to date and constantly improving.

okay now we will discuss about what characteristics must have in a page builder :

Functionality and user friendliness; are the main things to check in a page builder. Before selecting a page builder it will be good if you  compare top most page builders on their functionalities. If you  feel one of them has enough features for making your website then you can go with that one. We will suggest you check also how user friendly it is. If you feel it is complex to use than avoid it or you can learn more about it.

Now the point is responsiveness; this means  your site will adapt on all screens and resolutions. In a survey shows most of the people nowadays browse a website more on their smartphones rather than on their computers so your themes and templates have to fit

tablet and smartphone screens as well.

SEO-friendliness; is a important thing because  if you want to see your website  appear in google’s top search results, your builder must has to be SEO-friendly .Say for example if you made any changes to your website’s any parts that google algorithms wouldn’t like potentially, your page builder has to be able to let you know about it.

The another most important point is that  is  themes and website templates;  sometimes it is possible that your clients might want to get a  custom designed website but on the majority  cases, their websites will have  clear goals and niches and will end up being like most other websites with similar goals and niches .And that’s why you may need your page builder to include nice  themes and website templates those you can install and then make change as you like.

After completing all the basic and important points  let’s move on to know about the best  wordpress drag and drop page builders.

Best  wordpress drag and drop page builders

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The first one we are recommending page builder is  10Web  page builder, This is an advanced free wordpress drag and drop tool on top of Elementor which  you probably know is the most popular page builder for WordPress, They have a  free version of Elementor with some of its tools and widgets plus its have  premium version tools those are designed by 10Web. Here the premium version is the addition of premium tools and widgets makes the builder complete with every function those can make your website more qualityful.It CAN easily embedding complex forms or adding beautiful galleries in many ways, I may sure the page builder which is designed by 10Web  has everything you and your clients might need in terms of functionality. Try to Keep in mind that this page builder designed and developed Elementor structure and Elementor is splendent for its amazing interface and detailed guidelines. Great thing is that   if you ever fall into any issues 10Web’s support team 24/7ready to help you Out. The builder has huge amount of free designer who make website templates. They designed lots of templates  specifically for certain types of industries and websites. Its installation process is very easy because the hosting server has a one click installation process for it. After install you will be able to complete your client task very early .  Some more great news are:10Web also have hosting service. If you select one of the 40 plus templates and purchase a hosting plan fro them host them  it will be automatically optimized for speed, with a 95 plus page speed score. This is just a amazing thing people will benefit from both SEO and conversion rates. For the time of pricing  the builder in its premium version is included in all 10Web plans which start at just 10 a month if you host just one website and go as low as 6 a month if you host 10 client websites .That’s practically nothing compared to other comparable builders and hostings.  You will get in exchange is managed hosting powered by Google cloud with a bundle of features and services for every single need your WordPress website might ever have.

Security check automatic, real-time backups files and speed optimization caching staging and SSL all of that is included. Have you ever had a client show HIS website and told you to create something very similar to it, yes may be it happens all the time right well, for this case 10Web’s have new feature uses AI to detect and copy any website structure and design.

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Oxygen builder:

Now let’s talk on the second builder which is  Oxygen builder: it launched in 2016. Oxygen builder is very well featured. If you’re looking to build a unique and a big website without using a single line of code Oxygen builder is  the one must  for you. But there have a major problem, the tremendous amount of control and flexibility that oxygen provides has a downside as well. It’s not  easiest builder to use especially if you have not enough tech knowledge. But  if you’re fully ready to gather knowledge  around and learn you can easily create  very attractive websites that also produce very clean and concise code which is very important for your website speed and seo.

The Oxygen builder also has a big collection of responsive design  sets, If you need you can use it to build your clients websites on, but you should be careful to use those  because not all of them are suitable with all of the website themes out there. Also Oxygen builder is roughly expensive than the market of builders in its current state, you have to be pay 99$ to 169$  for lifetime use. If you  decide on it for sure that you are going to use the full capacity of this tool and finally in short Oxygen is only for the developers who can and want to manage the whole complication of website creating without using much code.

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The another one is SiteOrigin: this one is completely free and also requires nocoding. It is suitable for all themes and also it is mobile responsive.

It offers quite a large amount  of tools and templates for getting a great website design experience. Another good site about it is that it’s not a heavyweight and it is completely  SEO optimized .The free version of Site Origin’s includes basically all the features you will need for your website. This is truly a good  page builder, it might still struggle to compete with other similar page builders company that offer slightly better view and prices. If you want  to build a website for yourself or your company  Site Origin page builder will be a  amazing  free wordpress tool, but if you have an agency and are trying to showcase a fuller range of styles and effects then go for something more sophisticated.

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Visual Composer:

Now let’s know about another one page builder called Visual Composer. It  can be a  great choice  for very beginners who want to design a good looking front-end page with less effort. Visual Composer page builder is also suitable with all themes and has integrations with many  popular wordpress tools like  google fonts and yoast seo etc. And there are also a big collection  of useful templates that you can customize as per your client’s requirements such as adding carousels, slideshows backgrounds and so much more. The prices of Visual Composer page builder start from 59$. If you have just one single website which is not that bad but you can definitely get more for that price as we mentioned before.Visual Composer builder is a great one to start but if you have plan to upgrade your website to something more advanced features or anything then keep on looking.

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Beaver builder:

Beaver page builder can be your another choice , this is the  builder that’s been swiftly improving and expanding its functionalities recently. This one is mostly user friendly, it gives clean code. It also provides high quality support and regular updates.

one major problem of beaver builders is the cost value in the terms of design. The agency plan with white labeling and premium themes and modules start at 399$ which is mostly a lot considering that the Beaver premium themes ever can’t  compare to the premium themes of other page builders company.

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DIVI page builder by elegant themes one of the most used page builder. This builder’s interface is very unique and features are very user friendly. A lot of people are big fans of it.

Divi builder has a huge number  of themes and templates  Mostly it has 316 pre-built templates in 40 different layout packs .Your clients will definitely feel happy to get this huge area of design options. And Divi also has some more options that are pretty nice, such as a b testing. In DIVI builder there is a default Divi theme, And there is also a option to create own theme and its has possible  disadvantage that is it need  cost because Divi builder comes as part of the 89 elegant themes membership which is quite a lot.

And another disadvantage of DIVI builder that is  Divi builder is short code based, It means if you ever want to delete it, it will leave behind some short code and those you will have to delete yourself. After all Divi can be best option but it will more best for only a single website owner and not for an agency.

So now come to conclusion, If you want to get the whole agency toolkit  then go for 10Web. And if you are waiting to build something unique and complex and also you are ready to spend over a hundred bucks on it then Oxygen builder is for you. Beaver and Divi can be your best choices for you. But if you are just wanting to get the basic toolkit and layouts then we will suggest you to go with Visual Composer and SiteOrigin.

Thank you……!!!