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Best WordPress Theme For Affiliate Marketing

Hello dear reader,

Do you confused about choosing the best affiliate theme? The topic of our discussion today is the best themes that can be the best choice for your affiliate business. In our opinion, we will talk about the theme which we experience before and we think these are the best themes for making a website for affiliate marketing. Usually, we choose the best one based on its features, availability, design, popularity, user experience, responsiveness, and many more. Everyone has probably heard of the word “make money online” and affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most popular ways to make money online. Usually, the most popular way of affiliate marketing is to make a website with a help of a nice theme and by writing a review blog on your website. Based on the product that you will promote.

All themes that I will talk about all have their own unique features and qualities and there is no separate ranking among them. In my opinion, All of these themes will go a long way in creating affiliate marketing websites.
affiliate marketing
The first theme I will discuss is called GeneratePress.

Let’s look at the performance of first affiliate marketing theme

It is very serious about safety, speed, and usability.

Stable and Secure

They are usually reviewed independently by WordPress community leaders, and they maintain the latest standard stable coding.


They generally believed that their page size is below 10 KB.

Tier speeds

Website speed is very important and generatepress pays special attention to their theme speed. so that users can experience their fast and best experience.

Search engine optimized(SEO)

They also work on Search engine optimization so that users get helped to rank their website on google.

User Friendly Features

control of your website.

Colors & Typography

theme colors and typography directly Adjust with the Customizer. Their premium version offers more functions so that you can go to the next level.

Control Layout

Mobile and desktop responsive layout they have.

Page Builder Friendly 

This is any page builder friendly if you have a choice so you can use that page builder to work with generatepress.

Plugin Compatible

It has the ability to work with any kind of plugin you need.

Translation & RTL

They support 20 languages and they also fully support RTL languages.

you can watch this tutorial for customize generatepress theme

affiliate marketing

Mythemeshop is another affiliate marketing theme

Responsive Design

Day by day mobile dominates the internet, And With the MyThemeShop theme, I can say that it will provide a great user experience on any device. this theme is 100% fluid responsive for all devices so that your website will look great on every device. MyThemeShop is easy-to-use and a powerful options panel, anybody can customize their website the way they want. By spending some time you also have a website like a demo website they have.


Their narrated video tutorials will explain part by part and show you exactly how it exactly works. By setting your own featured images, and changing your website layout, the way you want. They have video tutorials about all topics.


if you Want to make call-to-action buttons inside your blog but don’t know how to code? their shortcodes option is for you.For creating smart buttons to on-the-fly contact forms, their shortcodes will help you to customize every inch of your website.

Great In-Built Ad Management

Over many years of learning full experience being a professional blogger, MyThemeShop founders know where exactly the ads need to be placed.they provide users with a built-in option to manage ads for the best CTR and highest earnings. Don’t need to apply third-party plugins to managed ads.

All Themes Are Mobile Friendly

Mobile has already crossed the number of desktop users and this trend is increasing stronger day by day. Make sure that you aren’t missing. And they build themes to work really well on both mobile and tablet devices, At the same time, they promised that the usability isn’t compromised.

Contact Forms Included

They don’t compromise the security of your website with external plugin contact forms. Use their secure, built-in contact form to gather more leads from your blog. Their all themes include a light-weight contact form that doesn’t put any extra issue and loud on your website.

Load Fast

CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos says- Nobody wants to look back and wish they had spent more time waiting for a website to load. By making them wait for your website to load Don’t lose customers. Amazon loses 1% of customers for the extra 0.1 seconds it takes to load. So now calculate How many customers are you losing by making them wait? MyThemeShop is a good option.(By having a great hosting you can go  more fast and safe)

Improves Google Rankings

Believe in the hype is not so cool all-time while the content is king, internal and external links that make a site rank on google. Their unique blend of readability and internal linking confirmed that your website isn’t lost in the other million similar sites. control your rankings with their themes.

Clean and Clearly Commented Code

Maximum themes available on the web are either too shabby or too complicated for web developers (or search engines for that matter) to understand code properly and edit easily. For that’s why they make their themes with clean and well-commented code to ensure easy editing, handling, and 100% effortless search engine crawlability.

You watch the video tutorials for Customize mythemeshop Theme

affiliate marketing
All themes that I will talk about all have their own unique features and qualities and there is no separate ranking among them. In my opinion, All of these themes will go a long way in creating affiliate marketing websites.

Let’s look at the day’s final affiliate marketing theme Astra


Loads in just half a second! Astra is built-in for fully SEO optimized for performance and speed. Having the most lightweight features on this theme, less than 0.5 seconds need to loads in!

50 KB

It requires resources of less than 50KB as compared to 100s required by other themes on the internet.

code Optimized

Astra uses WordPress default data and follows the best coding standards to make confirmed that every inch of code is well organized and optimized.

Design Options


Use layouts like headers, blogs, single pages, posts, etc. to manage the layout of the website.


By using the Astra theme that can create page-specific sidebars which will override the default settings sidebar and customizations them on your website which is amazing.


it’s completely ready for WooCommerce and helps you to build and design a store by the customizer itself. And You can make a store today which is fast and attractive!


Google Fonts

Astra allows you to select from as many as 700+ Google fonts that make sure you get the best typography.

Font Size Responsive

Astra provides the controls of your typography size according to the device on which people will be viewed on. It also can select variables font sizes for devices which is different.


Integrated Schema

Astra theme also comes with the basic schema markup implementation which is needed to help search engines understand your website better so that it can rank easily.

Optimized SEO

Ideal coding standards Following and built for speed to make a good and amazing website structure layout, inbuilt schema markups Astra which makes it an SEO-friendly theme.(Read all about SEO in details)

Astra Widgets

Astra Widgets

Astra allows The address widget that frames and displays anywhere your business address is on the page without a line of code.

Icons Widgets of Social

No longer need a third-party plugin to add social icons to your website. Simply select the network of social, A link added through the Astra theme itself.


Step by step the Tutorial videos, tutorials, and practical demonstration make sure that you understand every step and inch of modules. and theme.

you can watch this tutorial for customize ASTRA theme


These all three themes are performed amazing and you can choose any of them for your journey. But we recommend GeneratePress if you are really a beginner in this field and it has the most beginner-friendly function which is made your journey easy. And if you are not a beginner person then you can go with the Astra, Mythemeshop. best of luck with your new journey.


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