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Blogger vs WordPress org

Hello and welcome to our blog In this blog, we will Compare between Blogger vs WordPress org. You probably want to start blogging in the future, so read this article right now. You may be confused as to which platform you should select to start blogging? So let’s share our experience with you that WordPress or blogger would be better for blogging.

This blog will usually be explained in three parts. First, we will discuss blogger in detail, then we will explain about WordPress. In the end, you will be suggested which platform will be better for you depending on your financial position.

Pros of Using Blogger( Blogger Vs WordPress org ):

Blogger vs WordPress org
Blogger vs WordPress

1/ is usually a free and secure platform. It is a Google product and powered by Google. That’s why you can be 100% sure about the security here.

2/Google’s hosting server is free as hosting on Blogger Since it is a free product of Google like other products of Google such as Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, etc. The speed of the hosting server will always be good here, and you will get the Google subdomain as a domain for free. So you don’t have to bear the separate cost of domain and hosting here. And you can buy your own custom domain if you want and use it instead of subdomains so that it looks like the website is completely owned by you.

3/You can use free templates or themes here if you want. And you can easily customize the content to your liking.

4/You can SEO your own content. However, in this case, you can not take the help of a separate plugin, which is usually the case with WordPress.

5/There is no need to make any special arrangements for the visitors of the website because Google’s servers can handle the visitors as they wish very naturally.

6/AdSense approval doesn’t have to be a separate hassle, as Google has the option to create a default ad account, you just apply and you don’t have to do anything separately because Google is responsible for overseeing the website and determining where the ad will appear.

Let's take a look at the cons of Using blogger( Blogger Vs WordPress org):

1 / The website you create on will be owned by Google.

2 / If you have done anything outside of Google’s guidelines with your website, Google will cancel both your website and AdSense without notice. In that case, it is not possible to get your website back.

3/ will get many options but it will be limited. For example: in case of a change in the design of the website, you can use the theme that you have used by default only if you have the option of that theme, you cannot do anything other than your own. If you have to, then you need to make changes with custom code for which you need to have a clear knowledge of HTML CSS, and JavaScript programming language.

4/ You will not get the benefit of using plug-ins here due to which you will not be able to take your website to a dynamic and advanced level. Although it is possible, it is very time-consuming and difficult.

5/ You can’t change the structure of the website as you wish, you can’t add special features to the design.

6/ If you want to do professional blogging, you have to constantly develop and maintain your website and add dynamic and new features. Which is usually required to do professional blogging, and this is usually not possible in blogger. The bigger your website, the better you will be blogging. At some point, you need to make your website more user-friendly and dynamic. For which blogger is not the perfect choice.

loyal Pros of Using WordPress(Blogger Vs WordPress org):

Blogger vs WordPress org
Blogger vs WordPress

1 / WordPress is usually a content management system, through which you can upload your content, images, audio, video, etc. files to your website. And be able to design as you wish.

2/ WordPress is also A free content management system. But in this case, you have to buy a domain and hosting and work by connecting with WordPress.

3/ Lots of themes and plugins available in WordPress, both free and premium.

4/ WordPress has special plugins for SEO of your website, which usually helps your website to rank in Google, through which it is possible to reach your website to more people.

5/ WordPress themes and plugins are very advanced and easy. Dynamic and Responsive websites can be created very easily by using WordPress themes and plugins. And you can customize between themes and plugins by doing custom code if you want.

6/ There are separate special plugins for WordPress security that usually ensure the security of the website.

7/ There are different tools to increase the speed of the website through which it is possible to increase the speed of your website.

8/ You can maintain and develop your website as you wish, which is what professional bloggers usually do. They usually develop their own website in the time they needed.

9/ There are a lot of resources and videos available on the internet for building a website with WordPress. You can easily create your website by following these guides.

10 / Google has launched a separate plugin for WordPress, through which you can add AdSense, Google Analytics, and the performance of your website, everything can be seen very easily. So you can rest assured about this.

Let's take a look at the some harsh cons of Using WordPress ( Blogger Vs WordPress org ):

1/ WordPress domain and hosting are not like Blogger, it is not available for free. In this case, you have to buy your own domain hosting.

2 /In this case You have to buy a separate plugin for WordPress website security.

3 / The plugins used to do WordPress SEO are usually maximum premium. But their work is very advanced and the website can be ranked very easily, although there are some free plug-ins for SEO.

4/It is necessary to use good web hosting to handle the visitors of the website, otherwise, the website goes down.

5/ In a word, WordPress costs more than Blogger, but of course, WordPress is much more advanced and professional than Blogger.

So far the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress and Blogger have been discussed. Honestly, they have both the side of advantages and disadvantages. But in particular, if you want to start full-time blogging and start professionally, it would be better for you to start with WordPress by investing a little. And you can do better in a very short time and there will be no problem with your website in the future. But if you do not have enough money, and you want to start with zero investment blogger is more beginner-friendly than WordPress and you can easily create your website and publish your blog in a few hours. But if you want to do full-time blogging and be professional, then at some point your WordPress will have to run. So if possible start with WordPress from the beginning, and if you don’t have enough money then you should start with a blogger. And when you go to the medium level, you must run in WordPress. Moreover, WordPress is contributing a lot not only to blogging websites but also to e-commerce websites. Anyone can easily create a very advanced and very good quality website with WordPress. And the popularity of WordPress is so high that over 36% of the world’s websites are made with WordPress. So you can go ahead with WordPress without any hesitation.


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