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Free software for Graphic design

Every creative wants the greatest graphic design software, but if money is limited or you’re just starting out, the best free software for graphic design may have to suffice. Fortunately, this is where we can help you in each case.

Paying for industry-standard packages is a no-brainer for professional creatives; you’ll beworking with tried-and-true toolsets and won’t have to worry about generating appropriate files. Plus, no matter how much you invest, they should quickly pay for themselves. Testing the waters with the best free graphic design software is a viable alternative if you’re learning your profession or thinking about branching out into a new discipline.

The top Free software for Graphic Design :

  1. Vectr
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. Affinity Photo
  4. Adobe Illustrator
  5. Affinity Designer
  6. Inkscape
  7. Visme
  8. Gravit Designer
  9. Canva
  10. Easelly

Because they provide certain premium features for free, these are regarded the Best graphic design Software. These are also incredibly user-friendly and self-explanatory, so there is no need for a separate instruction.

  1. Vectr

Platform : Windows / Linux / Chrome OS / Web

Free software for Graphic design

This is a free software for graphic design program for making a variety of projects, ranging from t-shirt prints to full-fledged website graphics. Vectr includes an easy-to-use interface that lets you export produced files in real time.

This software also has the capability of transferring information between several devices, making it ideal for collaborative design.

Their website states multiple times that it is simple to use and that the developers are there to assist you at any time and with any question.

The Vectr has a short learning curve. As a result, if you can’t afford to purchase more expensive vector applications, this is a wonderful place to start.

There are roughly 30 different Vector software tutorials available on their website, making it quite easy to get what you need. This software is available both online and as a download. Your work, on the other hand, will be immediately saved and synched.

+ Browser and cross-platform versions

+ Interface that is intuitive and simple to utilize

+ Sharing projects is a breeze.

+ WordPress compatibility

  1. Adobe Photoshop

The most often used image editor.

Platform : Windows, MacOs.

Free software for Graphic design

Photoshop is to image editing what Illustrator is to vector art. It’s the best free software for graphic design,  image editing, with a huge suite of powerful tools that make it suitable for

everything from drawing and painting to retouching photography, and it’s packed with AI-powered tools like content-aware fill and sky replacement to make most creatives’ lives

easier. It’s just a must-have if you can afford it – and if you’re a working designer, an Adobe CC subscription is a relatively realistic expense.

+ All the tools you’ll need are included in this industry-standard bitmap editor.

+ Features powered by AI that are incredAdobe

– Expensive Subscription to Adobe

  1. Affinity Photo

Photoshop is being pursued

Platform: Windows, MacOs

Free software for Graphic design

Affinity Photo is the only genuine alternative to Photoshop in terms of picture editing. Its main selling point is that it’s significantly less expensive than Adobe’s industry standard package – like Affinity Designer, it’ll set you back £48.99/$49.99 on desktop and £19.99/ $19.99 on iPad, with a 50% discount available at the time of writing – but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in features.

It has all of the photo retouching tools you’ll need, as well as powerful painting skills with a large collection of brushes, as well as the ability to import and export PSD files and smart objects.

+ Excellent value

+ A strong set of characteristics

+ Photoshop compatibility is excellent.

– Photoshop’s heavyweight features are missing.

  1. Adobe Illustrator

Platform: Windows, MacOs

Free software for Graphic design

The industry standard vector package for the first entry in this best graphic design software list is difficult to argue with. If you want to create artwork, logos, icons, or any other visual design that has to scale to any size without sacrificing quality, Adobe Illustrator is one of the best free software for graphic design program.

Illustrator makes it simple to create everything from scratch using paths and shapes, or to automatically trace existing artwork. You can even start creating on the iPad and then transfer your work to the desktop for fine-tuning. Illustrator, of course, requires a Creative Cloud subscription, which may deter some users.

+ a set of tools that are widely used in the industry

+ Features of Adobe Sensei AI

+ The best vector and typography software

+ A CC subscription is required.

– It’s difficult to disagree with the industry.

  1. Affinity Designer

Illustrator has a worthy opponent.

Platform: Windows, MacOs

Free software for Graphic design

While Illustrator has had the vector game pretty much to itself for a long time, a new opponent has emerged in recent years, and there’s a lot to like about it. Serif’s Affinity Designer doesn’t quite do all Illustrator can (for more information, check our Affinity Designer review), but it’s speedier and can import AI and PSD files, so you should be able to work with files created by Illustrator users.

It also offers capabilities that Illustrator doesn’t have, such as limitless redos and one-million-plus zoom, but the most appealing distinction is the price: a one-time payment of £48.99/$49.99 on desktop or £19.99/$19.99 on iPad, with a 50% discount at the time of Writing.

+ Excellent value

+ There are numerous handy tools available.

+ Illustrator compatibility is excellent.

– Illustrator’s sophisticated features are missing.

Free software for Graphic Design.

  1. Inkscape

This is a powerful vector drawing program. Commercial use is also unrestricted.

Platform : Windows / Mac / Linux

Free software for Graphic design

This vector drawing is free software for graphic design tool is commonly regarded as a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator. The key distinction is that Inkscape employs Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) as its primary format.

This program will be easy to learn for designers who are familiar with vector graphics. You can develop projects of any complexity right here.

If you require a program for starting graphic artists, Inkscape vs Photoshop is a winner since it offers a wide range of modern tools and effects, such as complicated path manipulations, node editing, bitmap tracing, and path-based text. 

Inkscape instantly indicates that it is a professional application for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux as soon as you reach their website. If you’re not sure how to download it, you can look up a video on YouTube. There is, however, a separate page with instructions and information on how to get it.

+ Free of charge

+ There are numerous filters available.

+ There are some new cool effect tools in this version.

+ A substantial amount of educational content

– Can be very slow in large projects

  1. Visme

The most comprehensive collection of visual materials.

Platform : Windows / Mac / Linux

Free software for Graphic design

Visme is a web-based platform for branding and visual asset creation, including charts, slideshows, storyboards, and even social media ad units. Thanks to a huge stock library of

visual resources, you can handle a wide range of activities. Visme focuses on brand aesthetics and includes tools for preserving color palettes, photos, videos, and other materials associated with your company or brand.

One of the most significant advancements is the ability to collaborate on the same file as a group. For your design team, you might create a special plan and a report or diagram of your Firm.

Visme connects with a variety of applications, allowing you to access assets and data that you have stored elsewhere. What I appreciate best is the ability to download and distribute a file from a view-only link while encouraging others to contribute comments and annotations.

+ There are numerous templates available.

+ Color palettes are saved.

+ Appropriate for teamwork

+ Can make films and animations

+ Compatibility with competitors

– More expensive than competitors

  1. Gravit Designer

Beginner’s guide to the best free graphic design software

Platform : Windows / Mac / Linux / Chrome OS / Web

Free software for Graphic design

Gravit Designer’s creators provide a wide range of options. It’s a cross between Inkscape and Vectr. It offers more features than Vectr and is just as user-friendly as Inkscape. This program includes all of the features you’d expect from a vector program, as well as certain utilities that are often seen in digital asset management software for photographers.

Curves can be drawn, routes can be edited, layers can be managed, and the knife function can be used. It can import and export SVG, PDF, JPEG, SKETCH, and, more recently, EPS formats. Furthermore, you can work on your projects on a variety of platforms. 

Gravit Cloud allows for seamless file transmission between the desktop and web versions. This software is also available in a portable format.

There are vector assets available in Gravit, in addition to other valuable features. Badges, forms, emojis, and images are among the assets available in the Gravit Designer library, which can be combined and customized for business and non-commercial purposes.

+ A large collection of vector assets

+ The user interface and workflow are simple to use.

+ The browser and cross-platform versions are both available.

+ are linked to the internet

– It will be reimbursed at some point in the future.

– Additional functions are lacking.

  1. Canva

The greatest graphics program for social media

Platform : Web / iOS / Android

Free software for Graphic design

Canva boasts ten million users and offers universal tools for creating anything you desire, such as email headers, presentations, and blog infographics. Their website is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward.This is most populer free software for graphic design.  

It offers a drag-and-drop feature as well as high-quality Templates. This program is a common last-resort alternative for non-designers. It works well with graphics, but you won’t be able to produce documents with many pages using this program.

This software also lacks the capability of template locking for brand assets such as fonts, colors, and logos. This is the best free online graphic design software if you’re intending to deal with simple visuals.

+ Access is possible from any computer or device.

+ Thousands of templates to choose from

+ Simple to use

– In the free version, you can’t adjust the image’s size.

– Requires a high-speed Internet connection

  1. Easelly

Easelly Software for creating infographics automatically

Platform : Web 

Free software for Graphic design

For individuals who haven’t worked with infographics before, the next option may appear excessively imaginative. Especially when you examine a variety of icons in the shape of moving  people, varied lines, and schematics.

This program allows you to create and edit various infographics, which you can then show in PDF or JPG format. The basic version is free, but you may upgrade to get more features for a modest price. Easelly, on the other hand, is far less expensive than many other data visualization tools.

+ Make all of the diagrams on the internet.

+ Publish a finished layout to your website, social media, or computer in seconds.

+ You only have to pay $3 per month to enjoy the resource’s further features.

– There is no autosave feature.

– Advanced users may not find it useful.

Final Remarks

Software becomes an extension of a designer’s artistic ability. They memorize keyboard shortcuts, learn layouts, and handle their chosen program as if it were a second language. It is critical to have a program that is both intuitive and versatile.

So, how do you decide which design software to use? Are you searching for something as flexible and pricey as Photoshop, or something simpler and less expensive?

Don’t be concerned. We polled some of our favorite designers to find out what they think is the finest graphic design software for 2021.

Free software for Graphic Design.


  1. Which is the best Animation Software for beginners?

There are a few graphic design software packages available; some are designed for beginners, while others are designed for more advanced users. If you’re just getting started, look at Adobe Photoshop and Canva, which should provide a good introduction to the exciting world of activities.

  1. Can free graphic design software measure up to premium software?

Yes! Some free graphic design software will provide you with the same level of capability as paid software.

  1. How to free download graphic design software for windows?

Through this website below you can download the graphics design software completely for free. Moreover, you can download these softwares for free from search engines.

Website :

  1. What amount does graphic design Software cost?

As you can see, some of the more feature-rich tools are quite costly. You must establish a balance between cost and functionality.

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