You are currently viewing 3 amazing popular free tools to check website page speed SEO Tricks
free tools to check website page speed

3 amazing popular free tools to check website page speed SEO Tricks

Free tools to check website page speed: Keeping visitors is essential to keep the website alive! And the importance of SEO is immense when it comes to getting visitors. Needless to say, meeting the SEO requirements will lead to website improvement. However, the interesting thing is that many of us want to do website ranking on the results page of Google search query about slow hosting. However, in order to get the results of search engine queries, you have to fulfill the SEO recommendation, despite knowing that it is not done.

The fastest hosting package is always recommended to get good results in search engine results (SEO). For those whose hosting is slow, their webpages take a lot of time to load. As a result, visitors do not want to be bothered to enter the webpage. In this way, visitors are always lost. And for those whose hosting quality is full, the webpages hosted on that hosting load faster. Visitors have a different look at these websites and also perform well in search engine queries.

Check the page speed regularly to get the website ranked:

1 4 RSA Technologies

A visitor will not have to sit for minutes on loading speed issues to access your website. They will try to access another website by excluding your website. If the page speed of another website looks good, they will go to that website. Again, if they find the desired information on those websites, they will never come back and enter your site again.

The first feeling of the visitor is the most important. So in order to achieve the desired success as a webmaster, it is necessary to keep an eye on the page speed of the website. Webpages that load in 3-4 seconds, those websites are ahead in all cases. Such websites also show good results in search results. Again, more visitors are available.

3 popular free tools to check website page speed.

1 | google pages paid insights. 

1 5 RSA Technologies

This is basically Google’s own service. These tools are very popular for checking the speed of the website. It allows you to see the speed information of the two devices. That is, how fast your website is from computers and smartphones. The two will be shown differently.

Link: google pages paid insights.

2 | GTmetrix.

2 6 RSA Technologies

The most popular tool or website to test the speed of the website. With the help of this website, millions of webmasters regularly test the speed of their website. It displays information very nicely.

Link: GTmetrix.

3 | Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test.

3 4 RSA Technologies

 Another popular tool or website to test the page speed of a website. This website is also very good. The speed of the website can be tested by adding a server area to it.

Link: Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test

The 3 tools or websites I reviewed are all completely free. These 3 websites are most used to test the speed of the website. If you want, you can check the page speed of your website with the help of these 3 websites. This will help you to take the next step or improve the page speed of your site

Some small tips to speed up the website.

2 5 RSA Technologies

1 | Use quality hosting for your website.

2 | Optimize all the content of the website well. Optimize images in particular.

3 | Use the caching plugin on the website.

4 | Connect the website to the CDN server.

The better the page speed of a website, the better it will perform in Google ranking or SEO.

Some important things:

As we all know, the main purpose of the website is to reach the desired service to the visitors. The first thing a visitor notices about a website is the page speed of the website. A webmaster succeeds only when an old visitor repeatedly enters his website. No matter how good content is published on a website, if the page speed of the website is not good, it is not possible to maintain VGT.

Hope you understand about 3 popular free tools to check website page speed. The next article will discuss ‘How to increase the page speed of a website for free’ InshaAllah.

If anyone has any questions or comments on this topic, please comment. Thanks.

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