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How To Choose A Good Domain Name

How to choose a good domain name

How to choose a good domain name

Whether it’s for your business or personal blog, an honest name is usually important. this is often the primary step in creating an internet site with a amazing domain name . so as to seek out an honest name , you want to take a while to organize an inventory of possible names and check the feasibility and choose the foremost suitable name from there.

Many people are so excited about the primary web site that they ignore the importance of the name . But that’s not right in the least . name is that the only contact of your website.

Just as it’s important to call a neonate , it’s even as important to possess a website name for your business. Because as long as your business or blog are going to be known by that name. There are variety of common rules for selecting a website name for your blog or business, which can go an extended way in choosing your blog / business name. you’ll choose the name counting on the sort of your business or blog. However, you would like to consider a singular name if you want to be known online.

In this blog i will share with you how to choose a good domain name. Finding a gorgeous or appropriate domain name is as difficult a task as determining a business name. It takes tons of thinking also as many other things to think about. Since the name will carry the identity of you or your business on the online, you want to choose a reputation which will not only carry the identity of your business, but also make it easy for others to seek out and cause you to feel comfortable using the name everywhere. Things to think about so as to seek out a gorgeous and appropriate domain.

How To Choose A Good Domain Name

Try to keep the name short

How to choose a good domain name

If the name is large or complex, your visitors may mispronounce or misspell the name, increasing the danger of losing your visitors. So, attempt to keep the name short and straightforward.

Find simple, meaningful and delightful names

How to choose a good domain name

A simple, meaningful and delightful melodic name that folks can easily remember. an easy name is often written as easily because it are often said. So, find beautiful names that are beautiful and simply pronounced. If you’re trying to find an English name, find a pleasant English name, and if you would like to use a Bengali name, consider a reputation that folks within the country might like. Because, first of all, your brand or domain are going to be known to everyone thereupon beautiful name. That’s why within the case of a gorgeous meaningful domain or name, start giving importance now and in fact don’t use numbers within the name , in order that the name doesn’t look professional and doesn’t get much acceptance from people as a brand. Therefore, avoid using numbers within the case of domains, because your organization’s beautiful domain or name TE could also be the name of a corporation which will get on the shelves of the longer term .

Can target any specific area or city

How to choose a good domain name

When doing business during a specific area or city, adding that area or city name to the domain makes it much easier for local people to seek out or commit it to memory .

Do not use numbers or hyphens

How to choose a good domain name

Numbers or hyphens can often cause confusion. If you employ a touch within the domain, it’ll be a touch or (-), there are doubts about it again, many of us may forget to type or type the dash. during this case you’ll lose some desired visitors.

For example, Prothom Alo’s name address change. they’re now using, replacing the previously used web address to resolve the dash issue. Similarly, if six (6) is employed within the domain within the case of numbers, then when typing, it’s normal to be skeptical about whether it’ll be six or 6. for instance, if I say, it might be or Even then, if you would like to settle on such a reputation, it’s safe to possess two different domain names.

Domain Name Suggestion Tool:

How to choose a good domain name

Suppose you’ve got selected a website name but you’re unsure who will buy that name for your blog or website. you would like to seek out more similar domain names. during this case, the name suggestion tool will assist you to seek out the name or ideas. during this context, if you search on Google “Domain Name Suggestion Tool”, you’ll find many name suggestion tools. But here we’ve highlighted a number of the simplest name suggestion tools which will assist you find the right name .

How To Choose A Good Domain Name

Name Station

Name Tumbler


Lean Domain Search 




We hope you’ll select a website name of your choice (Niche) using the name suggestion tool mentioned above. Once selected, you’ll anytime.

Things to stay in mind when registering a domain:

How to choose a good domain name

Whether you purchase a website directly from a registrar or from a Bangladeshi reseller, you want to know a couple of more things before buying. i’m writing briefly within the sort of points.

1. determine if the complete instrument panel of the domain will offer you.

2. If you ever got to transfer a website, you’ll do so directly. Or need to come to them. If you cannot transfer directly, take care about buying a website.

3. whether or not they need to pay any charge if the domain transfer is out. there’s no charge during this case.

4. determine if there are domain lock options.

5. determine if you’ll get the domain transfer authentication code directly from the instrument panel. Ignore them if they need the code.

6. When registering a website, make certain to see that each one the knowledge utilized in the domain is yours.

7. don’t be distracted by various glamorous offers then register your domain.

How To Choose A Good Domain Name

Easy to remember

There are millions of domains on the web, so your domain name must be interesting and memorable. After choosing the name, you can share it with your friends and acquaintances. It will give you an idea of ​​how meaningful or interesting the name is.

Do research on legal issues

You need to verify that your preferred name is trademarked or copyrighted by someone else or is being used by another company. It could be a big legal issue for you in the future and cause a lot of trouble.

How to choose a good domain name

Select the correct domain extension

Is your domain name a business you are looking for? Or looking to open a social service or educational website? Below are some popular domain extension names –

How To Choose A Good Domain Name

► .Com

► .Org

► . Net

► .Gov

► .Edu

► .Info

In the case of a business organization, the domain name must be selected using the .com domain extension. In the case of a social service organization .org domain extension, in the case of an Internet service provider organization. Net domain extension is used. .Gov is used to refer to the domain extension of the government organization, and the .Edu domain extension to the domain name of the educational institution, and the .info domain extension.

If an organization intends to restrict activities within a specific country, it can use the Country Domain Extension Level. For example, if an organization in Bangladesh just wants to run their activities, they can use the Country Domain Extension Level in Bangladesh. For example,, and

Purchase a domain name quickly:

How to choose a good domain name

Since the domain sells quickly, and you don’t have to spend too much to buy. So, the sooner you purchase the name of your choice, the safer it is. The reason is that once someone buys the domain, it will be very difficult for you to collect it.

Once the domain name has been chosen for the website, buy the domain of your choice. Because people are always buying the domain name of their choice. But buy the domain name of your choice now.