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What is the process of SEO

Today we will cover the given following question step by step.

What is the process of SEO?
SEO process checklist
How to Do the SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) We have discussed SEO before, today we will discuss some tools and the process of how you can do seo by using this step by step process and also the free SEO tools that you can use to continue the process.

There are many SEO paid tools now but surprisingly there are many free tools that are just as effective as these paid tools.

Let’s check out the SEO process that we will cover in this blog

1. Keyword Research

2. Competitor Analysis

3. Keywords For Featured Snippet

4. Article Title Idea

5. Content Mapping For Blog

6. Content Quality (readability)

7. Content Grammar & Duplicity

8. Website Speed

9. Website UI&UX Checker

10. Website SEO Audit

11. Backlink Checker

12. Keyword Position Tracker

13. hreflang Tool

14. Google Algo Hit Checker

The above processes are explained step by step. Now let’s discuss how you can rank your website using the processes. And with some free tools that will be mentioned that you can easily follow the steps.
SEO Process

1. Keyword Research:(SEO Process)

Basically Research means we discover something and here keyword Research means the method of discovering phrases or words .A good quality keyword can bring your blog or website to the first page of search engines. For keyword research you can take the help of Google, YouTube or other search engines.

Some of the free and paid Keyword Research Tools.

1. Keyword Surfer
3.The Google Keyword Planner
4. SEMrush
5. Ahrefs (paid)

What to consider while finalizing a seed keyword.

★How to generate long tail keywords from a Seed Keyword using Google Keywords Planner Tool.
★Ways to take a keyword from a planner tool and take it to the next level.
★Generating related long tail Keywords using Keywords Revealer tool.
★ Analyzing or evaluating Competitors to pick up the best keyword with low difficulty score Possible.

2. Competitor Analysis

The next step in keyword research is competitor analysis. No matter how well you do keyword research. If your competitor’s analysis is not full of strength, you can’t go too far.

★Moz SEO Toolbar Extensions for Mozilla Browser:
This extension helps you find domain authority, page authority, and you can use link analysis from this extension .And page authority means how a certain good page will rank in search engines.

★SEOQuake Extensions for Mozilla Browser:
SEOQuake saves huge data for your research. However, you need to be connected to SEMrush to get free data. When you search for a keyword on Google. You can get a lot of data on SEO earthquake extensions such as index page, number of links, social pages, site age, whiskey etc.

3. Keywords For Featured Snippet Tools:(SEO Process)

★Research good quality keywords and look for keywords according to the type of question.
★ Remember to try to rank on the first page of search results in search engines.
★Write using inverted pyramid style.
★Use words that are characteristic.
★Can create snippets.
★Pay attention to the format.
★Follow optimal word count.

4. Article Title Idea:(SEO Process)

It is very important for your blog to have a title, because it is through the title that the content of your article emerges. However, always try to give the title manually, because the manual title helps the reader to understand the content.

5. Content Mapping For Blog:(SEO Process)

★Simplemind Lite (Mac)
★Freemind (Windows)
★Kagal (online)
These three applications will create a suitable silo structure for your blog.

6. Content Quality (readability):(SEO Process)

This section will basically check how acceptable your content is. If you do not select good quality content, you will never be able to rank it in search engines.You can check if your content is readable through Webfx.

7. Content Grammar & Duplicity:(SEO Process)

★ Grammarly: (Chrome Extension) – To check grammar and punctuation.
★Copyscape: Check if your writer copied your content from somewhere or not.
★ SimilarContent: A MarketMuse alternative. Testing the features and already optimized a couple of articles. And see how it goes.

8.Website speed:(SEO Process)

When the reader sees your blog and comes to your website from the search engine, if he sees that the website is low quality and the load speed is very low then he will immediately leave your website. You can use the following tools to get rid of it,

★Pingdom – To find issues of your website those are causing slow loading time.
★ Gtmetrix
★ ShortPixel

9. Website UI&UX Checker:(SEO Process)

★ Google Lighthouse (Chrome Extension) To check UI and UX of your website along with other important metrics.
★UXCheck (Chrome Extension)

10. Website SEO Audit:(SEO Process)

This chapter exposes the technical issues of your website and solves them.

★ ScreamingFrog – This will detect and fix technical issues with your site.

11. Backlink Checker:(SEO Process)

★ Back Links Shitter – To find all the backlinks of your website and your competitors.
★ Ubersuggest – Pretty good free alternative to ahrefs and SEMrush.

12. Keyword Position Tracker:(SEO Process)

It is used to check rankings for your targeted keywords. You can test it with some of the tools Below,

★GeoRSnippet SerpRobot
★ SearchEngineGenie

13. Hreflang Tools:(SEO Process)

★Hreflang Tag Generator – Hreflang Tag Generator is to check if your website targets different languages.

14. Google Algo Hit Checker:(SEO Process)

★ Google Penalty Hit Indicator -Check whether your site or competitor’s site got any penalty whatsoever

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