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Amazing Things that Most People Don’t Know About HTML Tags For On Page SEO

Welcome to another new phase of SEO! Today we will learn about all the HTML tags for on page SEO. If you want to rank a website in search engine queries, you have to do on page SEO. On-page SEO requires the use of several HTML tags. And these HTML tags point to the search engine bot to emphasize certain parts of the content.That is, what is the main keyword of the content is identified or told in the HTML tag. Search engine bots then display results in front of visitors based on these types of keywords.

HTML Tags for On Page SEO

HTML tags for on page SEO

The HTML tags that we usually use when writing an article on a webpage, along with sorting the article, also completes the important task like ‘on page SEO or search engine optimization’. Because, the relevance of SEO is also measured from these tags. Tags that are very effective for SEO: Title Tags, h1… h6 Tags, Bold or Strong Tags etc.

HTML tag overview

HTML tags for on page SEO

(1) Header Tags | Header tags

Header tags are very important for every piece of content. Content names or titles are identified using header tags. Header tags: <h1> </h1>, <h2> </h2, <h3> </h3>, <h4> </h4>, <h5> </h5>, <h6> </h6>, etc. . However, the title of the content is usually marked with <h1> </h1> and the rest is marked with <h2> </h2, <h3> </h3>, <h4> </h4>, <h5> </h5>, <h6. > </h6> etc. tags are used for sub-headings. Within these tags, important keywords in the content are identified for search engines. Each tag plays a very important role in SEO.

(2) Anchor Text | Anchor text

Anchor Text This is also to be created with an HTML tag. Anchor text is used to link one page to another. Anchor text is very important in SEO.

(3) Image Alt Attributes (alt tags) Image alt attribute

Image alt attributes are important for SEO. You know, search engines can’t read an image. So through the Alt Tags used in the image, the search engine can easily understand what subject your image is served on.

There are many people searching for different pictures or images from search engines with different keywords. If you use the Image Alt attribute in an image on your webpage, you can use it to determine a place in search engine image search. That is, if someone searches with the keyword used in the alt attribute of your picture or image, there is a great chance of getting good visitors to your website from here too.

(4) Meta Description Tags | Meta description tags

Meta descriptions are also created using HTML tags. It also plays an important role in SEO. Meta description is basically an acronym for Content. This is usually a way to tell search engines the main purpose or subject matter of the content. However, meta descriptions sometimes show up in search results, and many visitors are found on this basis. So the meta description should be very information-based and interesting.

Some important things:

HTML tags for on page SEO

Proper use of HTML Tags for On Page SEO is a very effective topic in search rankings. In order to bring any webpage of your website to the search ranking, every task of on-page SEO has to be completed seriously. And at the root of all this is the proper use of HTML tags.

To get good results in SEO you need to have a clear idea about the above mentioned tags of HTML and apply it through work. Then you can be a successful SEO optimizer InshaAllah.

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