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Marketing a website for free

Marketing a website for free is not an easy task but yes it’s not rocket science.Who doesn’t want free marketing for a website. Everything depends on the time and how much time you spend on your marketing.There are thousands of ways you can market your website. However, in all these ways of marketing, you will not be able to concentrate in a good way.Many people say that it is very important to be present everywhere, but more importantly, the marketing of your website is need to accurate and effective.There are many ways to do marketing, you have to start with a little. Everyone will say that to be present in all places, but they also started one by one.What will be the benefit from the name just appearing if it doesn’t work?So to start marketing, you first need to choose the best medium or platforms for your business.

For example:YouTube is the best platform for technical products, because people come to YouTube and watch the tutorials and then decide whether to use it or not.This does not mean that marketing elsewhere will not work, of course it will also work, but the effectiveness will be comparatively less.I hope you understand the example.

There are some question usually people ask on google which is:

How to free marketing of website?

Where can I advertise my website for free?

How to promote your page for free on facebook?

how can i promote my instagram page for free? How to market your website for free?

How to market a website for free?

How to market my website for free?

How do I market my website for free?

For this question the answer will be the similar which we cover in this blog.

There are Four main and most popular effective ways to free advertising for your website.





If we explain step by step how to promote a website for free then SEO comes first.
marketing a website for free

#SEO(marketing a website for free)

SEO means search engine optimization. That means optimize your content and website for search engines so that people can find you easily and get in touch with you.Many people ask how to promote my website for free on google?For them the answer will be only by doing SEO you can promote your website on google.Everyone wants to rank their website on google and also need tons of organic traffic, for them SEO is the only way. SEO is one of the most famous marketing methods on google.Anyone who has a business in the online world wants their online business to grow day by day. But sadly, it is true that there are many people who don’t have enough good services or skills but they still do excellent in their business. However, it can be seen that those who are new or do not have enough technical knowledge but their services or skill are just awesome but still struggling and they are not getting enough valuable customers. If we try to understand the subject in a deeper way, it can be explained in a way that many new businesses or service heads who are new or have been doing business for a long time but their service is not an advantage, but they are doing business in a profitable way.Google’s contribution to making their business better is immense because their position in Google is at the front.which is why they are getting more customers and their income is doing better which is why their business is getting better day by day. And the only way to stay in the first position in Google is SEO.

However, the question here is whether you can do SEO yourself?

Yes, of course you can do it yourself, but in that case you have to spend enough time on SEO and learn some technical work.

The question that may come to your mind is how long will it take to learn?

So it depends on you, but if you try to learn carefully, one or one and a half months is enough.

Again some of the questions that may come to your mind are whether you need to take a separate course for learning or whether there is a separate cost to learn SEO and apply it on your own website?

In this case I would say no because Google and YouTube have enough free resources to learn SEO. But hey if you don’t have enough time you can learn from any paid course.However, you will need the help of some tools to use SEO on your website.There are a number of tools available for free that allow you to do seo for free by using those free tools and run your business. However, in this case I would recommend using paid tools.Because there are usually many limitations to using free tools,Due to which you have to keep the option of multiple free tools while working. As a result, your working speed decreases and it takes more and more time.In addition to these, it is often seen that the free tools become paid after a while.And it is more logical to use paid tools to avoid all these problems. In addition, with a paid tool, you can easily replace the task of 6,7 free tools.

In that case, get a groundbreaking solution, Mangools will be the right solution for you.Because they have taught you how to do SEO through their blog in a very simple way. And through their blogs and videos, they have explained in a very simple way how to use all the necessary tools to do SEO.Where to buy other tools, you have to buy separately. In that case, each plane of Mangools is getting five necessary tools.If you have those, you don’t have to buy anything else.they have five awesome tools which are:






They also have a refund policy. If you are dissatisfied with their service, you can get a refund within 48 hours.

Why people love Mangools: Ease of use and great UI,Support with SEO skills,Best value for money.

Trusted by the big ones, loved by everyone and after you use you also love them.Here some of big companies who use mangools to grow their business.


So what are you waiting for?get it now
Best wishes for your new start.

marketing a website for free

#SOCIAL MEDIA(marketing a website for free)

social media are a blessing for marketing any kind of product or anything that exists online.because people love to spend time on social media.And many people are using this opportunity to promote their products or services and they are benefiting.However, in this case, you have to be careful that you do not start all at once, because managing all the social media together does not bring any good success.It is also seen that people are doing business only by using social media. There are also some people who have chosen only one or two social media and they are continuing their business there.That is why it would be wise to choose a field that is related to your topic and move forward.In order to make it difficult for you to make a decision, I will make the matter easier for you.

The average user spends 28% of their Internet time on social media, but which types of social media do they use?

There are several types of social media on the internet. We break it into three-part so that you guys can understand it easily.

Social networks

Media sharing networks

Social blogging networks

SOCIAL NETWORKS:(marketing a website for free)

Most popular and well-known type of social media is called social networks.These social networks allow users to connect with brands and also people online.Many people call social networks “relationship platforms” because they allow people to connect and build a relationship. You can also share information, photos, videos, and more through these sites. These platforms basically focus on sharing knowledge and building connections with other users.

Social networks help you with:

#Build brand awareness

#Generate new leads

#Build relationships with customers

#Provide customer service

Most popular three social networks are:




facebook 2021 RSA Technologies


There are 2.3 billion monthly active users on facebook. It is one of the most popular social networks platforms available to your business to grow your business more.Facebook allows you an excellent opportunity to connect with your audience for your company.

In this case I would say that there is no shortcut method for marketing and growing business on Facebook for free. One of the most popular marketing mediums of Facebook is Facebook page or Facebook group.And to make this page or group bigger, you have to win some simple tasks regularly.

#First you need to post regularly and make the posts informative.When posting regularly, you can follow the popular content marketing formula ’80 / 20 ‘. 80/20 This formula means that you will usually give 80 informative posts for every 100 posts and the remaining 20 commercial posts for your Company. This will increase the number and loyalty of your page’s followers and your marketing will be successful.

This method also applies to Twitter and LinkedIn And this all is for free.

twitter 2021 RSA Technologies


Twitter has over 326 million monthly active users. Twitter is also a social networks platform. Which is  also used similarly to Facebook.Here users can also post photos, videos, status updates,and many more.Twitter’s unique attribute is that you only have 280 characters for each of your messages to express your thoughts. This limit means that you always need to get to the point.

linkedin 2021 RSA Technologies


More than 200 million countries and territories LinkedIn has over 610 million users which is also a great opportunity for you.This social network is built for professionals to connect with each other. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for building professional relationships, sharing information, finding new jobs and many more.

MEDIA SHARING NETWORKS:(marketing a website for free)

If you’re looking for the most visual type of social media platforms, the answer will be media sharing networks.Media sharing networks typically focus on sharing photos and videos.Social networks sites like Facebook and Twitter enable you to post photos, they are not considered as a media sharing network. Because media sharing networks only focus on visual sharing.Many people at the present time are visual learners, even me and you also. These media sharing networks are great places to share visual content for your business and engage your audience. 

And here is the best three social media options for media sharing networks.




These mediums are also free and here you have to give regular content for your brand value and try to make the content funny and positive. But make sure there is something educational in the content and don’t forget to mention your business in your content. For YouTube try to make quality content that makes an impact. If you follow this method on these three platforms then surely I can say that your business will grow.

instagram 2021 RSA Technologies


Instagram has over 1 billion active users monthly, And it is a great place to share photos and videos. This kind of  platform allows you to give a visual insight into your business and because of this you can make an impact. You can get creative here and share inspiring images and videos for people’s attention.You can promote your products or services and provide your audience with a great visual representation of your brand by using instagram photos and videos.

youtube 2021 RSA Technologies


Over 1.8 billion monthly active users on this platform.YouTube is the second-largest search engine.People actively search for videos and watch them on this platform ,actually people use to on youtube daily.If you want to engage people through videos, YouTube is an excellent option for videos.This media platform allows you to create videos and share them anywhere you want. It’s a unique opportunity for you to build brand awareness and engage and also make a loyal customer base audience.

pinterest 2021 RSA Technologies


Over 250 million monthly active users on Pinterest that all actively use this visually-focused site. This social media sharing network focuses mostly on sharing and pinning photos. Users pin these photos to their boards,This media platform is excellent for sharing your products, as well as creative ideas. You can share photos that link to blog posts, recipes,DIY ideas, and many more. It’s important to keep in mind that you’re on a creative platform, so you want to ensure your posts fit the creative theme.

SOCIAL BLOGGING NETWORKS:(marketing a website for free)

Blogging platforms allow you to publish content for your audience and help them to discover.This kind of social media is also a great way to build engagement and get people introduce with your business model or services.This kind of Social blogging networks are one of the most unique types of social blogging media because they require creating constant content to publish so that you grow more. While they increase visibility, brand awareness, and generate leads, they need more work from you than other social platforms that we discussed before.

Two most famous examples of social blogging networks is:



These platforms and free ones are the same as the previous ones. But you have to work a little harder because these are usually social blogging mediums.You have to write more and more blogs to increase the visitors here, but here I will tell you an important trick.The content that you used to write on Facebook can be given here in the form of a blog, with a little change, then your work will be much easier.

medium 2021 RSA Technologies


Medium has somewhere between 85 and 100 million monthly active users and over 60 million monthly unique visitors. Which demonstrates its massive audience and potential reach of content and medium is a great blogging platform that covers the kind of topics that’s around the web. This platform is open to bloggers of all skill levels, whether you’re just starting to blog or have been blogging for a while. This social blogging platform helps you reach new readers and help them get to know about your brands. If you’re looking forward to improving your brand value to reach more people, Medium is a great option.

tumblr 2021 RSA Technologies


Tumblr is with over 425.7 million accounts and it is one of the most popular blogging platforms, .Lots of people use Tumblr to share information,videos and photos.Though this social media site isn’t your additional blogging website.where you can post long-form content and many people use Tumblr to share photos, videos, and other exciting content but you need to balance of content on yours to help increase engagement and make impact for your business.

marketing a website for free

#FORUM(marketing a website for free)

Forum also called Discussion networks.This is because on such platforms, people usually discuss various topics such as information, data, news, questions, problems, etc.Also on such platforms you can clearly see what people are talking about, what they want to know or what they need.You can also make specify people by looking at their comments.Here, when people ask questions, you can help them by answering them if you want, and you can also promote your business or you can take help if you need it.You can also gain a greater understanding of how customers analysis your business or products.This type of social network works great to check the market research, even if you are new, you can easily understand do that.

Let’s look at the two main discussion networks you can use:



quora 2021 RSA Technologies


Quora has Over 300 million monthly active users.and it is one of the major discussion forums which you can use for your business.In this forum, you can allow getting involved with questions people ask on the web.When people use Quora, they ask questions and this question answer by people from the Quora community. This system allows you to answer questions related to your industry and also provide your audience with the knowledge they want.through spreading knowledge, If you want to build brand exposure then Quora is a great social media platform for that. This platform will allow you to answer the industry questions which are related to your business and help people get the information they are seeking for.

reddit 2021 RSA Technologies


Reddit is a popular discussion network forum you may want to use for grow up your brand value.People post about topics that vary from finance to politics to funny videos so you can understand about the market.This forum features communities known as “subreddits.”and Each of these communities are covers different topics. When you enter on each subreddit, you can see information on the subject and see what people are posting about which can help you a lot.If you use Reddit,You can learn common questions or concerns and also you can monitor different subreddits related to your business or industry to understand how the customers and audience act about your company and market.

marketing a website for free

#EMAIL (marketing a website for free)

Email marketing is a marketing platform where it is difficult to find people who have not been successful in email marketing. If anyone says he didn’t succeed, I’d say he didn’t do email marketing properly or he was indifferent.The number of people using email worldwide is 4.03 billion according to 2021 data.Experts expect that number to rise to 44.44 billion by 2024. And so far there is no platform that has been able to come close to that number.An average of 300.4 billion emails are exchanged every day. What are you wondering? There are some more amazing facts about email. Let’s take a look-

1/According to a 2020 theory, there are over 4 billion email users, more than half of the world’s total population.

2/The number of active email accounts is 5.59 billion.

3/An office worker receives an average 121 emails a day.

4/A business person sends an average of 40 emails a day.

5/On average 43% of all emails were opened via mobile.

6/Remaining the 58% is split with 18.2% for desktop apps, and 39.8% of email opens in web apps like Gmail or

Millennials may be the age when people use email the most. Data shows us that, in 2018 a research made by Adobe where they say, those who were born between 1981 and 1996 spent a whopping 6.4 hours a day on their email. 41% people even check their work email in bed, before or after work.In comparison, office workers spend over 5 hours per day on email.Email is not just a marketing channel for older generations it’s also a most trusted Place for sharing data and information. Large parts of the business world are still managed 100% through (or partly through) emails, and the usage reflects this.

Email is so effective because it communicates with each other personally via email. This is why it is seen that many people send personal emails while doing email marketing, as a result of which they get more response from commercial email marketing. So email marketing is essential for your online website business.

NOTE:At any kind of website However, in order to maintain or increase your ranking and popularity or traffic on the Internet, SEO and website speed must always be kept good. Now it doesn’t matter what kind of website it is.

If you have benefited from reading our blog, please help us to grow by sharing our blog. So that we can bring more informative information for you.Love Us.

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