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Use Google Keyword Planner to rank your website

How are you all, hopefully everyone is much better. We have a lot of websites, but can’t bring in too much traffic even after regular work. Today I will show you how to bring more traffic to your website using free Google Keyword Tools and rank your website. Another thing to keep in mind here is that just giving a good keyword will not rank your website.

It takes a minimum of 1 month to rank any website. So guys work on your website regularly and you will see that your website will rank. And for find a low competition keyword you can use google keyword planner.

Click on the link(Choose the right keywords) Google Keyword Planner and see the image below:

1. After that, click on Go to Keyword Planner then see the image below.
2. Here you click on the Discover New Keyword box and see the image below.(keyword planner)
3. You will see the search box, click on the Get Results button below with the Related Keyword that you have posted on the topic. Then look at the image below.
4. You will find many more keywords related to the keyword you searched by using keyword planner. One thing you need to keep in mind here is that you will copy the Competition LOW of the Keywords. And use that keyword in your post. Hopefully your website will rank very soon.

It ends here like today. We will talk about something new in the future. Everyone will be fine .And if you want to make any kind of website then feel free to contact us. Thanks

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