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What is the best WordPress theme for affiliate marketing website

Hello Dear  readers. Hope you are in the right place on your search. We are going to tell you  about the best wordpress blogs for affiliate marketing websites as a top question for people, let’s get started ……

What is the best wordpress theme for affiliate marketing? This is an important question and people ask this question all the time. Another important question is: What theme should I use for my new affiliate marketing website? Now I’m going to be telling you about a few of the themes that I’ve used on my affiliate marketing websites. And  also I will give you a bit of guidance on choosing a theme for your next affiliate marketing project on wordpress.

What is the best wordpress theme for affiliate marketing website.

So the first thing that you should keep in mind when you’re going to choose a theme for an affiliate marketing website is that theme look and feel clean ? and is it clear? Because an affiliate marketing website is full of  content. It can be your articles or your videos or your graphics whatever it is you’re putting on.

But you should make sure  that it is at the front that is center stage and that the theme kind of pushes your content forward makes it very easy to read, makes it very clear and makes it very clean .So yes select a theme that really does show off your content Well.

What is the best wordpress theme for affiliate marketing website.

The second thing you should keep in mind and this is very important is the speed of the theme. Every theme is not built equal, some of the themes are faster than others. When people are looking for some information they try to get it as early as possible. If that time they face any loaded issues in your site, it’s gonna be a negative impact for your site. So try to choose that kind of theme because the loading speed is so high.  

It would be better if you run the theme which you are gonna buy in google first to check the site loading speed. It will help you to choose your site on the basis of speed. You will be able to check how much time will need to load the page.

And just see what scores are they’re getting. Now you will check the design of the theme, you want something that’s pretty flexible and if the theme comes packaged up with some templates to get you started, you’re going to want a content focus template. Maybe a magazine  one or a blog style one, because you can remember  to point one as i’ve already

said affiliate marketing is all about content.

What is the best wordpress theme for affiliate marketing website.

I think you will never want a loaded pages so try to avoid the heavy siders on your blog sites.
And also try to avoid those elements on the theme who are gong to make your site more loading . Sometimes the used of some templates become reason of loading so try to also check before select any theme.

There is  lot of themes that are very business focused, very kind  and provide huege templates for business type sites and those are nice, but that  kinds of templates aren’t often suitable for an affiliate marketing website.

Let’s say you want a theme that is really focused on  content. So now  i am gonna  make you aware of its page builders, page builders like elementor or brizzy or beaver builder they have a lot of extra functionality and features, So if you’ve ever seen a theme that you like that’s pretty basic you can add extra stuff to it with a page builder and most themes work with most page builders.

It is simple that  you will want to add some tables or some buttons I also suggest it , Because it will  really makes the content  well and  you can add those things with a  page builder like elementor,  So just keep that in mind that if the theme  you’re looking at maybe doesn’t have some feature built in but you can add that extra functionality using page builder or you can do it with individual plugins . Speaking about nice features that make your content kind of really nice.

What is the best wordpress theme for affiliate marketing website.

I will suggest you to go with that things which will allows you to add tables, So try to work with a decent page builder like elementor. I would also suggest you something that allows you to add nice kind of pros and cons sections which i guess is a table but you know some themes and some page builders have them built in it’s a great way of kind of summarizing the good and bad when you’re talking about products.

Buttons is very useful thing to have on affiliate marketing websites. So  just check what your theme comes with and if it doesn’t have any button then go for a page builder and you will  be able to create some really nice looking content . Some people can say well you  should not  use page builders on your content that’ll make it slow.

But all of site  i’ve build I use  elementor and the site is nice and fast. I just think that if  you know make content look really nice and you can add nice   content to it or rich elements probably that time you can say it. I think using page builder is far better than not use. So you can say i’m a big fan of using page builders for content. If you don’t want to do that and you want to just keep it nice and clean add a bit of content but you also  thinking that you  want to show off some products and a table, then you may check out a wp  plug-in which i absolutely recommend  and in fact i use it with page builders because the tables are just really good and basically it uses the amazon api to pull down product information straight from amazon and then you can put it into tables you can just kind of have product boxes which are nice boxes with images and text and a price and a button and yeah it’s a really cool plugin and i’ve done some videos on it in the past you’ll find links to those in the description.

But remember one thing  that is  if you have a plugin like that then it  really no matter that which theme you’re going to select. Because you will be able  to add the tables ,Bytheway so there’s are the things i always try to keep in mind when choosing a theme.Now  let me just share with you some of the themes that i’ve been using on my site.

What is the best wordpress theme for affiliate marketing website.

what is the best wordpress theme for affiliate marketing website

Now meet with Base wp theme that is free and this theme i’ve used on a couple of sites.

This theme is so clean and  easy to use  and i love it.I am using base wp with elementor and i also do format content and create home pages and that kind of stuff and it works really well and it’s free. You can get up and running with this theme without spending any money and i think you’re gonna like it.

What is the best wordpress theme for affiliate marketing website.

what is the best wordpress theme for affiliate marketing website

I also use the fantastic one Thrive theme which is an amazing theme for affiliate marketing.

 Thrive theme is a premium theme,  basically you have to subscribe to get access and have to pay 19$ a month .I think you can get a discount  if you go for an annual package.Though you need to pay but and you will get a lot for that money you will get the theme which is fully featured. You will get like everything that you could possibly want.You will get all access to a full load of other plugins and resources.You will get support and all updates in future. So your investment would be  worth. The another reason why i really like thrive is that it has  some  built-in elements which are very helpful for affiliates. For example, it’s have some fantastic tables , some lovely looking pros and cons sections, some great buttons . It’s also have some [pre build fantastic page templates.

 I like to thrive i think it’s really good. It is too much good for some people who are just starting out. I think if you once  start building websites with this one I hope you’ll never look back. The advantage is by the standard license you will be able to use it on multiple site.

What is the best wordpress theme for affiliate marketing website.

what is the best wordpress theme for affiliate marketing website

The other theme is Astra. Which is a most  used free theme with a pro version available.

 I also prefer  this theme. There’s no problem  with it. Usually It supported with all the page builders. I have faced one problem with it, the pre built templates are mainly business focused and there aren’t that many that would be suitable for an affiliate marketing website. So if you want to build a site and you want to use templates because it’s quicker and it’s easier and you will get some really nice designs.

What is the best wordpress theme for affiliate marketing website.

what is the best wordpress theme for affiliate marketing website

Oceanwp is a theme which is very similar to Astra but you will feel  better when you will look at the templates. There are some magazine or blog style templates which are very content friendly.

It’s an attractive looking theme. It has tons of features and again it is also familiar with most of the page builders.So basically it is true that you may  want something that shows off your content, You also want something that you can work with, Something you can use and something that’s pretty fast. If it takes all those points then it’s mostly going to work well for your affiliate marketing website.

You can share with us  which  themes  you’re going to use on your affiliate marketing websites , so leave me a comment below and also  read all the comments that I get and I’ll try to reply to as many as possible.

I hope you just like this blog. Please if you found it useful in any way please share and subscribe to our website that does help me out.
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