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What is the meaning of bounce rate? Top 10 ways of reducing bounce rate.

The bounce rate of a website is very important in SEO or search engine ranking. Having a regular audience on your blog or website does not mean that your website is doing well. Maybe your site is getting the desired visitors regularly. But it is not possible to determine if a website is performing well based on visitors only and search engines also do not rank based on visitors only.There are several ranking factors to follow in order to get a website ranking. Meanwhile, bounce rate is one of the ranking factors. Today we will know what is the meaning of bounce Rate? Top 10 Ways of Reducing Bounce Rate.

1/ What is the meaning of bounce rate?

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Bounce rate is a metric of Google Analytics. Before understanding the bounce rate, you must understand about bounce.

Bounce is a matter of what kind of engagement a visitor gets when he enters a page of your website, that is, whether a visitor goes from one page of your site to another, clicks on a link on the page, clicks on the website menu. Etc. Based on this, Google Analytics determines the bounce rate.

The lower the bounce rate of the website, the better the website is performing. Because, having low bounce rate is very important for SEO. You can use Google Analytics tools to see the bounce rate of any website.

  1.1What is the standard bounce rate of the website%?

The bounce rate is determined in different ways depending on the topic of the website. It was captured through a simple infographic:

What is the meaning of bounce rate Top 10 ways of reducing bounce rate. 1 1 RSA Technologies

I personally think that 30% – 40% bounce rate for any website is tolerable. 40% – 50% bounce rate is not too harmful. However, if the bounce rate of a website goes above 50%, I think it is necessary to work well on the website to reduce it.

2/What kind of problems does the website have if the bounce rate is high?

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Google or any search engine always shows the most relevant results in search queries. Search engines are run by bots though. However, they can easily determine the relevant pages of any website based on the engagement of their users. In the meantime, the bounce rate is taken very seriously.

Suppose a bounce rate on a page of your website is above 90%. Now Google can easily understand that the visitor is not benefiting from your page. So they are not giving time to the webpage. Going out as soon as you click on the link. When Google realizes this, your page is dropped from the search results.

Similarly, if the bounce rate of your webpage is less than 30%, then Google understands that the visitor is definitely benefiting from your webpage, so the page is reading over time. When Google understands this, it brings this page to the top of the search results. This is how the webpage is found in the search results. However, according to Google, there are over 200 ranking factors. But in the meantime the bounce rate is very important.

3/Top 10 ways of reduce bounce rate

What is the meaning of bounce rate Top 10 ways of reducing bounce rate

 3.1, page loading time

There is no substitute for using good hosting to reduce the loading time of web pages. If the loading time of your web page is less than 3 seconds, then there is a chance of more visitors entering. Everyone wants to master more with less time. If the loading time of your web page is 20-30 seconds, then 99% of the visitors will not want to enter your page. They will exit by clicking on the link. This greatly increases the bounce rate of the website. So be sure to try to use quality hosting on the website. In addition to using quality hosting, all the content on each page of the website needs to be optimized well.

  3.2, internal linking

Internal linking is very important to reduce the bounce rate of the website.

(Internal linking also plays a very important role in SEO.) Internal linking increases the value of a webpage. A visitor enters from one page to another through internal link. As a result, the average time on the web page increases and the bounce rate decreases significantly.

  3.3, use additional ads

No visitors enter the website to view the ad. They enter the website primarily for the purpose of reading or knowing their desired content. If there are too many ads on a page, the visitor gets annoyed. So you should refrain from using too many ads on the web page. Especially it is better not to use pop up ads.

  3.4, User Experience

If the design of your site is not beautiful, visitors will not give too much time. So it is necessary to make the webpage attractive to the eyes of the users.

  3.5, caution about writing content

Write content in simple and clear language. As if your content is understood by visitors. Also try to write content according to the niche of your website. Think your site is on the technology niche. Now if you think that you are getting more income from the content of Health Nish. So he is writing about health by omitting his primary niche (technology), but in this case also the bounce rate of the website is likely to increase.

But yes, different types of content can be published on one website. There is no problem. However, the primary niche of the website must be given priority and more and more content must be published on the primary niche.

  3.6, arrangements for visitors to take part

If there is a system for the participation of visitors to any website, the bounce rate of that website decreases. So open the comment box of your page to the viewers. Arrange for visitors to participate as well.

  3.7, unwanted page title

Don’t use any kind of unwanted keywords in the title of the web page. There are many people who use keywords only for the purpose of getting visitors which are not really useful to the visitors. So you should refrain from using such keywords in the title of the page. In other words, the title of the article, which does not match the original content of your page. Although the website gets a bit more visitors for this kind of title, it actually does a lot of damage to the website.

  3.8, Caution in using featured images

You need to be careful when using featured images, just like unwanted keywords. Use images of the content on your page. As if visitors can get real content. If the content of the page is one of a kind and the featured image is the opposite, then the visitors express a very annoying feeling and leave without reading the content of the page. This way the bounce rate of the webpage increases a lot.

  3.9, Responsive or mobile friendly design

Being responsive to every webpage means increasing the user experience of the visitors. The design of the web page is 100% responsive from every device. In other words, it is important to have a computer friendly design as well as a computer. Nowadays most people visit webpages using mobile. So I want to be mobile friendly design. Since most of the visitors enter the website through mobile, if the design of the page is mobile friendly, the bounce rate of the web pause will be reduced.

  3.10, the font used in the content

Beautiful and clear fonts should be used on web pages. Besides, the font size should be kept in such a way that it is not difficult for the readers to read. Font sites cannot be made too small or too large. Medium fonts should always be used. Due to the complexity of the font, many visitors leave the website without reading the content. So the site of the font needs to be determined correctly. The more time visitors spend on your page, the lower your bounce rate will be.

Some important things:

If you want to do well in SEO, you have to pay attention to the bounce rate. Bounce rate is a factor that builds on the quality of your site. So we should always try to increase the content quality of web pages. The more quality you can give to the content of a web page, the easier it will be to perform well in SEO and the bounce rate of the web page will be reduced.

Hopefully got an idea about the bounce rate. If anyone has any questions or comments on this topic, please comment. Thanks.