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Rules for writing a CV: What should a CV look like?

Rules for writing a CV: What should a CV look like? CV, Curriculum Vitae or CV is a very important issue in many areas of working life starting from university. This is most important in the case of private employment. The job sector is much less than the demand for jobs in many country. That’s why one has to get a job by competing quite well. In this case, a standard CV can put you far ahead in this competition.

If your employer doesn’t like the CV at first sight, chances of getting a call for your interview are very low. Many employers reject the CV if they don’t like it in a blink of an eye. Therefore, a quality CV greatly increases your chances of getting a job.

But in most cases, job seekers submit a CV according to their format from the computer store, which is a completely wrong procedure. The format you created may not match the format you need. In this case, it is seen that the necessary information about you is omitted from the CV and there is also information in your CV which does not actually exist in your life.

So, considering all these situations, your own CV should always be made by yourself. If you want to know more about CV writing techniques, stick with us. For your convenience, in this article we will discuss in great detail about the rules for writing a CV. Besides, I will present to you some simple ways through which you can easily create a CV. So let’s get started without delay.

What is a CV? (What Is Curriculum Vitae) | What should a CV look like.

What should a CV look like.

CV or Curriculum Vitae is the summary of various activities of a person’s education and working life. It is usually 2 pages long and is mainly used for jobs. However, in many other cases, the use of CVs is on the rise. Since English is the official language in most cases, it is usually written in English. However, in some cases CV is also written in Bengali.

However, both CV and Resume are used in the sense of resume in Bangladesh. But in fact there are some differences between them. First of all CV can be used for various purposes besides jobs. But resumes are only made and used for a specific job. Second, there is no limit to the CV. In it you will be able to share all the job experiences of your life, educational qualifications and all other achievements. You can use as many pages as you need.

However, in the case of a resume, only the relevant job experience and other issues related to the job you want to apply for should be covered in 1 to 2 pages. It is best if all the necessary things are covered in one page.

These are the main differences between a CV and a resume. However, no such application is seen in Bangladesh. CV and resume are used in the same sense.

What should be in the CV? | What should a CV look like.

What should a CV look like.

Some parts of the CV are always changing according to the type of job. You have to write them as per your need. But there are some things that are unchanging for every CV. Considering all these factors, what should be in a CV is given below:

Name & Address: | What should a CV look like

According to the certificate, your real and full name and address should be written in the CV. Mr. Mrs. These cannot be attached. You can also give your phone number and links to various social networks here. Mandatory attach your email address to your CV. In this case, open an email with your full name. Do not add any reciprocal emails.

Career Objectives | What should a CV look like.

After that, if you get the job in the position you are applying for, what do you want to do, what are the objectives in the future from that position, it will be summarized in 100 words.

Work Experience | What should a CV look like.

Work experience is the most important part of a CV. In this part, you will summarize the organization in which you have worked, the position you have worked in, the work you have had to do. If you have worked in many organizations, then share the experiences relevant to the position you are applying for. In this case, briefly highlight your work as much as possible.

Educational Qualification | What should a CV look like.

Highlight all the educational qualifications along with the results here. In the context of our country , like in our country starting from SSC. All the subsequent degrees will be mentioned with the name of the institute. Besides, it is recommended to highlight the duration of the course and the year in which the exams were given.

Computer Skill | What should a CV look like.

After work experience, this is currently considered the most important part. Computer skills are now important in every job. All the work of every office is now mainly computer dependent. So summarize all the skills that you have.

Language Efficiency | What should a CV look like.

Your country language and English are compulsory in this case if you want to work in Bangladesh. It may also require knowledge of another language in certain jobs. In that case they have to be added.

Other Skills | What should a CV look like.

If you have any other skills that can come in handy in your applied job, then they should also be briefly mentioned.

Reference: | What should a CV look like.

Many people make mistakes in this part. Gives the names of relatives. In this case, give references to two or three people who know you well but have no kinship relationship. If you have just graduated here, references from your university teachers will be most acceptable because they know you best. In this case, refrain from giving false information because the applicant can verify by phone from the reference given by the company.

Image Addition: (Photo) | What should a CV look like.

Then attach a newly taken formal passport size photograph to the top of your CV. No old pictures or pictures wearing black glasses can be given. The picture has to be formal enough.

Signature And Date: | What should a CV look like.

Finally you need to attach a scanned copy of your signature and the date at the bottom of the CV.

What should the current CV format look like? | What should a CV look like.

What should a CV look like.

A CV is a document that will be evaluated by your employer in a very short time. So in this case you have to show smartness in every part. The format of the CV is also very important. Let’s take a look at what a CV should look like now:

Length of CV: | What should a CV look like.

In this case, we have already given an idea. Either way you have to finish your CV in two pages. Much more can be expressed in very few words and phrases. All your information should be mentioned as briefly as possible here.

Paper size: | What should a CV look like

Whether you send your CV at the post office or online PDF, you have to write the CV on page A4. In this case, keep enough space around the CV for the margins.

Font: | What should a CV look like

You can use one of the three fonts Calibri, Arial or Times New Roman to keep the CV formal. Keep the font size between 10 and 12. In the case of headlines, you can make it bold by using 14 or 16 size fonts.

Grammar and others | What should a CV look like.

Just refrain from making a mistake in the grammar of any part of the CV. As well as the spelling will be very important. When you have finished writing the CV, revise it again and again to see if there is any mistake.

Rules for writing a CV | What should a CV look like.

What should a CV look like.

Nowadays writing a CV has become much easier than before. Many new methods have come up through which you can make a complete CV in a very short time. Let’s discuss some of these mediums.

Create your own with MS Word | What should a CV look like.

If you want to create a CV on your own, MS Word may be the best medium for you. By default some formats are given in MS Word. You can use one of them. Or you can make your CV with it by creating your own format. Apart from this, CV can also be made in Power Point (MS Power Point). There you can make a nice CV using different shapes. Again, online, PowerPoint CV Template (PowerPoint CV Template) will get by little search  effort. You can easily make a professional CV using them.

Made from CV-Building Website | What should a CV look like.

There are currently many CV Building Websites that offer free CV building services. If you search on Google, you will find many such websites. You can easily create a quality CV from a website of your choice.

Made through Mobile App | What should a CV look like.

Now if you want to make a CV on mobile, you can do that too. There are many Android and iOS (Android and IOS) apps with which you can easily create a professional CV. If you want, you can choose such an app and make your CV through it.

The last | What should a CV look like.

What should a CV look like.

A CV is a very important document in today’s job world which can help you a lot in getting a job. So everyone should learn to make CV from university life. In this article we have discussed the rules of writing a CV from beginning to end. I hope this article has helped you a lot in increasing your knowledge about CV writing. Also, if you have any questions about the subject, don’t forget to let us know in the comment box. Good luck to all.

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